Now is this future. This future is now.

It’s not too late to read this novel. But you nearly missed the moment. Act soon. You might be lucky enough to fall into The Probable Future on a warm spring day when the daffodils are just finishing, the tulips are standing tall and proud, bees are starting to explore, birds new to your spring ears are flirting, the days grow longer, and the young sun gives hope, even as the Mordor-darkness unleashed by the far too-right wing-nuts who have captured our Republic threaten us all.

That’s the time of year that Probable Future is set in all its lovely magic. Alice Hoffman is such an optimistic writer that it’s a pleasure, a spring pleasure, to meet the women of the Sparrow family.

22898 A while ago, I was bitching about another Massachusetts novel, How to Keep Your VW Alive, one that I disliked so much that I actually seem to have thrown it away. In the little jumble of prejudice that masquerades as my mind, this Not Good Book led me to the odd thinking that all books about Massachusetts were bad. Oop. Wrong. Sorry.

And if you can’t get to the book soon, save it for next spring. It’ll still be new and spring-like glorious.

About Patrick de Freitas

Recovering bilbiopole interested in way too many things so I often have difficulty keeping up with myself. Or perhaps I'm more scattered than I imagine.
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