Easy murder

A detective thriller set in northern England, Yorkshire to be precise, tho’ you needn’t worry about accents defeating you. The lead-in is a perfectly appropriate quote from L.P. Hartley’s classic novel ‘The Go Between’ : “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” Indeed they do.

Peter Robinson is a new discovery for me. What a find! I’ll be reading more. There are at least a dozen; now that I’m done with all the Donna Leons I can find, these may be my next series when I need a detective fix.

Get it from http://www.indiebound.com

About Patrick de Freitas

Recovering bilbiopole interested in way too many things so I often have difficulty keeping up with myself. Or perhaps I'm more scattered than I imagine.
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2 Responses to Easy murder

  1. Ah, you’re a British detective fan? Have you read the Lynley books by Elizabeth George? Long since, perhaps. Did you love them?

  2. Actually I watched the TV series and quite liked them, though it did rather ruin my evening when his quite posh girlfriend was shot.

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